In the always challenging sector of charities, especially those serving the most desperate and disadvantaged, it’s long been known that every move and penny spent needs to be evidence-led and deliver maximum impact.

At NHYC, we know that if we want all young people to be safe, healthy, equipped and housed, we need to know what works and doesn’t work, why, and how to prove it. So we’ve developed a Theory of Change, a tool to clearly communicate the difference we make.

This was created in partnership with Sally Cupitt Consulting.

Our Theory of Change

Created with close involvement of with our teams and young people, our theory of change map and short document lay out why we do things the way we do, how it makes a difference, and what we're working towards long term.

A diagram laying out our Theory of Change

See our Theory of Change diagram

Explore our visual tool for how we prioritise and evidence our work.

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An illustration of a report with a graph

Read a short summary

A digestible two page overview for how we see our work changing the world

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What are we working towards?

We work with young people, aged 16-24, who are unsafe or experiencing homelessness in London. We want the same opportunities for all young people in London, regardless of their background, characteristics, or circumstances, so they can reach their full potential and live the lives they want. This is a very long-term impact – it may take decades to achieve and can only be done in partnership with other people and organisations.

To get there we’ll work to ensure young Londoners are:

  1. Safe: young people will be safer from emotional and physical harm. We also aim to keep young people safer from the harms caused to them by systemic barriers and inequities.
  2. Healthy: young people will have improved mental and physical health.
  3. Equipped: young people will have learned the emotional, financial and practical life skills necessary to succeed.
  4. Housed: young people will find and sustain long-term, safe, youth-appropriate housing they can call home.
  5. Have better services: better resourced, youth-appropriate and timely services will be available to all young people in London who are unsafe or experiencing homelessness.

We think these changes can be driven in two main ways. This is reflected in our map as two interconnected paths:

  1. Changes for young people we support through our own services; and
  2. Systems change for the young people we may never meet, through policy work, partnerships and campaigning.

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Hear from our Learning & Impact Manager Linda Hien about the project and our learnings in her blog here.

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Take a look at stats, case stories and insight from our work.

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Want more detail?

We have a longer, more comprehensive document about the full project. If you'd like to see this or ask any questions, reach out to Linda.

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The Theory of Change interlinks with our organisational strategy. See how they support eachother.

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