Accommodation that we can offer

We support around thousands of 16-24 year-olds every year, the majority of whom are in urgent need of housing. Any young person who is referred to us can access our housing support, here’s how we help them:

Emergency accommodation

We can refer into shelters and other emergency accommodation. We also run our own specialist emergency Youth Hub, the only one of its kind in the city. Learn more about that here.

In order to be referred to a night shelter, the Youth Hub, or other emergency accommodation, we will need to complete an assessment with you. We can do this in person at our day centre or remotely.

If you’re looking for urgent help, please come to our day centre or make a self referral and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also check our emergency support page for information on what you can do next.

Supported housing

We can support young people to look for private rental properties, and other housing options suited to your life or circumstances. We can also facilitate mediation and support for those looking to return to their former or family home or to move to a different area due to safety reasons.

This kind of help is more likely to come once you’ve been working with us for a while, so we can make sure your home is safe, sustainable and the best fit for your situation.

Long term housing

We have several semi-independent accommodation projects that we run in partnership with housing associations and charities. These include hostels, shared houses and flats, and specialised housing projects.

Once you’ve had your assessment, our expert team will be able to advise if one of these is the best fit for you.

Help to stay housed

Accessing housing is often just the first step – there are skills and support involved in maintaining and remaining in our housing. Our team can help with:

  • – Benefit problems or making claims
  • – Find support with debt or other financial problems putting your housing at risk
  • – Find support, such as mediation, for those who may be homeless due to a relationship breakdown or family problems
  • – Get legal advice or a solicitor
  • – Advice and support with evictions
  • – Access to an Emergency Fund to cover urgent accommodation needs
  • – We can also help with communicating with probation, police, social workers or hostel workers if young people want us to

Our life skills team can also help you stay in your accommodation and develop the skills to help you live independently. You can find more information on them here.


In 2020-21 our Housing team helped:

Hear from the guests at our Youth Hub pilot project 'Hotel 1824'
540 young people helped with housing
274 placed into emergency accommodation
An illustration of an open hand reaching out
185 guests at our Youth Hub pilot site
266 young people helped into long term housing
An illustration of an open hand reaching out
107 young people had safe transitions back into family homes
711 young people had advice appointments for housing and finances

Our housing projects

Learn more about some of our specialist housing opportunities

An illustration of a young Black man sat on a comfy bed looking at his phone

Our Youth Hub

We run London's only emergency hostel for 18-25 year-olds. We deliver this in partnership with Depaul UK, providing a life line for young Londoners who would otherwise be forced to sleep rough.

See more
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Become a landlord

We're always looking to partner with landlords to create more high-quality, sustainable housing options for young Londoners. Learn about our support offer and successes.

See more

Team Overview

Our housing team are highly experienced: many have dealt with homelessness and the housing system for decades, and they understand the kind of support young people want. Our team of 12 is made up of advice and accommodation workers.

We always listen and help young people to make positive choices. We are a charity, not a statutory service, which means your engagement with us is optional. We won’t force you to do anything and you have choice over the kind of help you want.


Ready to get started on your journey to a safe home? Make an online self-referral or come to our day centre.


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