Thousands of young Londoners every year are pushed into homelessness and danger for many reasons, including family breakdown, domestic abuse, poverty, experiences of violence, or war and persecution in their home country.

It is not the young person’s fault. The current systems put young people at greater risk of homelessness, especially from marginalised communities. And those systems don’t have the resources or tools to properly support them when pushed into crisis. They are often told that their homelessness does not make them vulnerable enough to get support. Their minimum wage is lower but they are facing the same brutal rental market, especially harsh in the current cost of living crisis. If you don’t have a family who can support you with money or a safe place to stay, you are shut out in the cold, alone.

We are a vital support network and vocal advocate for these 16–24 year-olds with nowhere safe to go.

We believe every young person deserves an equal chance at life. Through the services we provide at our day centre, via outreach and remotely we support young people experiencing homelessness in London to improve their wellbeing and safety, change their economic circumstances and find somewhere that they can call home.

For as long as young people are homeless and unsafe in London, we will be on a mission to give their potential a home.

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