Seeing the best in everyone is one of our core values which underpin our work tackling youth homelessness in London.

It is unfair and unjust that discrimination denies too many young people and communities a fair chance, including the opportunity to have their voices and struggles heard and responded to. New Horizon Youth Centre is committed to recognising and valuing difference and ensuring fairness and equality; seeking to redress inequality and disadvantage, including as an employer and service provider.

We know young people from marginalised communities are faced with everyday and systemic discrimination in all its different forms: interpersonal, social, economic, political, cultural and institutional. We see and hear in our work how young people of colour face inequalities and discrimination not only in housing and homelessness but also in education, employment, criminal justice, and health. We also know that LGBTQ+ and young people with disabilities face discrimination or barriers to access.

As a service provider to young people experiencing homelessness and as an employer, we aim to be empowering and supportive and to offer as much flexibility as possible in order to help each individual realise their full potential as users of New Horizon Youth Centre and as employees. We believe that this approach is key and central to promoting and developing diversity and inclusion.

We recognise that true diversity in our community and within our staff group also involves a willingness to act, where necessary, by combating the effects of existing barriers to fair, equal and inclusive treatment. We will, where appropriate and where possible, seek to positively redress the effects of this discrimination. Any action we take will be legally compliant and consistent with our approach of making users and staff feel valued and respected.


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