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We support around 2500 16-24 year olds every year, the majority of whom are in urgent need of housing.

Here's how we help them into accommodation:

  • Make referrals into hostels, shelters and other accommodation 
  • Help with benefit problems or making claims
  • Advise or help with appeals for those who have been sanctioned 
  • Help in communicating with Probation, Police, Social Workers or hostel workers 
  • Find support for those with debt problems
  • Find support, such as mediation, for those who may be homeless due to a relationship breakdown
  • Get legal advice or a solicitor
  • Keep an Emergency Fund to cover urgent accommodation needs

We always listen and help young people make positive choices.



Housing Advice FAQ

How do I get a housing appointment?

You would need to complete an online referral form. If you are street homeless or staying in unsafe circumstances, you could also come to our day centre at 11am on certain days of the week - please see our Get Help page for details. Because of Covid there is no guarantee that everybody will be able to access the centre, so please complete the referral form if you can and wait for one of team to get in touch with you.  


Can I be referred to a night shelter on my first visit or contact?

We cannot refer anybody into a night shelter until an assessment has been completed.

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