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Our 2021-22 Impact Report

Posted on: 9 January 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything, but a central truth remains in the capital: far too many young people find themselves unhoused, unsupported and unsafe. Worryingly, many of these numbers are growing and may continue to grow.

Despite and because of these challenges, we are hugely proud of what we have achieved with and for young people over these last twelve months. Our service provision supported 1,221 young people – more than the year before the pandemic – and helped over 500 of them with finding accommodation. Our partnerships with the sector went from strength to strength, joining forces with Depaul UK to pilot London’s only youth-focussed rough sleeping accommodation, Hotel 1824. And our policy work, although nascent, saw us get tangible and significant changes in London and nationally.

We ended the year with invaluable learning from the many adaptations we have made and with renewed confidence from the innovations we have tried. Covid may be ending but we also know that new challenges await. The cost-of-living crisis that we now find ourselves in risks worrying levels of homelessness and we know that young people are especially exposed to these consequences. So, whilst there is caution that a long and difficult road lies ahead, there is also a renewed sense of determination and confidence we are uniquely placed to address this.

We’re delighted to share our Impact Report, exploring the data and insights that tell the story of this challenging and rewarding period of our organisation’s history.

Read our 2021-22 Impact Report

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