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Aside from the young people we see every day out our centre, New Horizon's Youth Outreach Project also works with young people who are sleeping rough, in prison or leaving prison.

How we can help during Covid-19

Remote delivery can mean a lot of different things to everyone. We want to be super clear about what it means for our services and what we’re offering under these current circumstances

If you’re under 25 in London and need help, we are still here.

If we’ve never worked with you before or haven’t been in contact with you for a while, you need to complete the online referral form on our 'Get Help' page. Once you’ve done this, the teams who can help you will get in touch.

For our outreach services, our delivery is continuing as always. Our outreach team are still going out to those sleeping rough twice a week and continuing face to face services on a case by case basis.

Street Outreach

We encourage young people who are sleeping rough or staying in unsafe situations to come to New Horizon for support with accommodation and jobs, as well as specialised help; for example around substance use or family mediation. They can also access one-to-one support, counselling and get medical help, food and showers/laundry as well as attending men’s and women’s groups to talk about their issues. The YOP team also offer specific support around domestic violence and exploitation.

Prison Outreach

We visit young people in prison to try and help them avoid either becoming homeless upon release or having to return to the circumstances that led them to commit crime in the first place. For many of the young people we work with NHYC staff are the only people who visit them. 

We work across London and will support clients throughout moves to other areas, both in the community and in prison. We try to find them whatever support they need to get housed, into employment and to address whatever mental or physical health issues they may have.

If you want to get support for someone who is in prison aged 16-24 you can email the YOP team on [email protected] we will write to the young person and then book a visit to introduce ourselves.

Homelessness Prevention

Finally, our YOP team deliver workshops on sexual exploitation, running away from home and homelessness prevention across London via youth clubs, schools and other places where young people congregate.

Please call us on +44 (0) 207 388 5560 or email us for further details.

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