ወርሒ ጸሊም ታሪኽ 2021

Posted on: 5 October 2021

We have to understand and engage with our past in order to learn and improve for the future. 

October is an important month for us at New Horizon Youth Centre. For the 10 days leading up to World Homelessness Day on October 10th, we run our ’10 Days to Take on Youth Homelessness’ campaign, raising awareness of and funds for youth homelessness in London. It’s also Black History Month. For an organisation with an already half a century legacy, we can’t ignore our past and the lessons it has taught us and in our work it’s very clear that youth homelessness disproportionately happens to young Black people. These two events are fundamental to our mission as an organisation, and they share a goal: creating better outcomes for young Londoners facing systemic barriers, exclusion and discrimination.  

This year we’re looking for a new balance in the Black History stories we centre, sharing both those that speak of the hardships, barriers and oppression of the Black community and those that show the innovation and strengths these same communities showed in response. This is a better fit with the strengths based and trauma informed values we are committed to. Black History in the United Kingdom, and in London especially, is a story with many dark chapters but it also holds joy, resistance, creativity and true leadership. This year we try to tell a fuller picture.  

We’ll be sharing a range of content from our staff, trustees and partners, including a look into: 

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ናብ ላዕሊ

ደሃይ ግበር

ምስ ኵሉ እቲ ኣብ ኤን. ኤች. ኣይ. ሲ.

ምስ ዝርዝር ደብዳበታትና ተጸምበር

ቀልጢፍካ ምውጻእ