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I first came to New Horizon in December 2020, I had been in the UK for almost 4 years after moving here to study and live with my partner but the relationship became emotionally abusive and I ended up sofa surfing for a long time. I was still in this situation when I found New Horizon, the situation wasn’t sustainable and I needed to find something else quickly. They placed me in their emergency hostel, Hotel 1824 and I’ve been based there since April.

My situation was difficult and complicated because even though I am visually impaired and need support with that, I was told I wasn’t entitled to universal credit or housing benefit, mainly because I am studying at university level. This made it very difficult to get into long term accommodation, but through New Horizon I was able to access a new project from London Hostel Association offering young people who were in employment a set rent for 9 months. I moved in May 2021.

New Horizon supported me with accommodation, health, employment and student finance. I also had sessions with their counsellor and nurse, which were really helpful. I also took part in several interviews, youth panel and forums, as well as a range of workshops. New Horizon have been with me throughout my journey to a life I want, even coming to visit me in hospital. They really care about your wellbeing and future.


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