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I’m Macky*. When I was 22, I was living in Derbyshire with my mum and siblings but I wanted to move out and get a fresh start so I moved out to a friend’s house. It was alright for a while but then I was asked to leave and I immediately ended up on the street for 48 hours because I had nowhere to go. I contacted my ex who lived in London and that’s what brought me here.

After a while I was also asked to leave there so I contacted SPEAR, a local homelessness organisation. They supported me to get into temporary accommodation. I was then moved between 3 studio flats but I became very depressed and low and I just felt like I didn’t want to go on because of my chaotic homeless situation. I was constantly being forced to move around and I never felt safe and secure. Soon after I was prescribed anti-depressants to help with my mental health.

SPEAR referred me into New Horizon to help me find longer term accommodation. The Advice Team supported me to access counselling service and I the Jobs, Education and Training team helped me look for training and jobs. I love music so I went along to various music workshops to learn more about the music industry.  New Horizon helped me into a YMCA where I continued to get support from my SPEAR worker as well as the hostel and New Horizon staff. At the YMCA I felt respected by the workers, they were polite, friendly and supportive.

*Name changed for safeguarding reasons


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