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In 2019 I couldn’t stay with my family anymore, so I came to London for a fresh start. To begin with I was staying in hotels but I ran out of money and hadn’t applied for any benefits yet. I managed to find a homeless night shelter in central London and two workers there told me about New Horizon. From that day on, I would come to the centre every day to get breakfast and coffee, take a shower and do my laundry. They also supported me to sort out my benefits as well.

Initially I was staying at a different shelter every night, which was hard as you had to move around every day and leave at seven in the morning. When Covid hit, I was taken into one of the “Everyone In” hotels in West London. It was a much better experience because I had my own room and three meals a day. I actually enjoyed lockdown because it gave me a plan and a structure - I felt like I was moving on. 

Eventually I got placed in a long-term hostel. I still found this difficult but I was able to enrol in college which was good. I wanted to work but the rent at the hostel would be really expensive without housing benefit. I was looking for rooms to rent but I was struggling because I couldn’t afford a deposit. New Horizon offered me a year’s stay at one of their accommodation projects and I moved in. It is better than other places I’ve been - I like the people and my room is nice. I’ve applied to a level 3 course at college and started working full time in hospitality. It’s good and I’m in a much better place.

James' name has been changed due to safeguarding reasons

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