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New Horizon is seeking to appoint an individual, organisation or consortium to help us develop a new organisational Theory of Change of our services for young people experiencing homelessness and/or involved in the criminal justice system, together with an initial impact measurement framework.

The last two years have brought unprecedented challenges to us all, but young people have felt it particularly acutely. As we all emerge into the ‘new normal’, it is critical that we ensure that young people, especially those experiencing homelessness and/or in the criminal justice system, and who have been systemically denied a voice, are front and centre of thinking and practice. The severity of the situation demands a bold and big response because a central truth remains in London: far too many young people find themselves unhoused, unsupported and unsafe.

We are therefore working towards implementing our recent insight-driven 2022-25 strategy, ‘Coming Back Stronger’. To achieve this, we are growing our workforce and restructuring our organisation and services around four core outcome areas: Housing, Health, Safety and Life Skills.

We want to make sure that our services will meet our strategic aims and deliver the outcomes young people facing homelessness require, and are keen to create a strong shared internal understanding to enable further staff ownership of delivery and development. We also want to communicate clearly our intended outcomes and impact around young people, the sector, wider stakeholders and policy and decision-makers.

To this end we will develop a new organisational Theory of Change and accompanying impact measurement framework. We are looking for a consultant or consultancy agency to support us with this, who will ideally have their solid understanding of young people as well as awareness of the context of our work and the wider stakeholder network.

The budget for this project is £15,000 inclusive of VAT and expenses.

For more information and details of how to apply, please download the brief here.

The deadline for submissions of proposals is 9am Wednesday 17th August 2022.

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