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Together: Research tender for housing solutions for young people experiencing homelessness in London

Back in the autumn of 2018, members of two collaborations - the London Youth Gateway and HAYN (the Housing Association Youth Network) - created an alliance of funders, voluntary sector providers and housing associations to start to explore how we could use our collective assets to do more for the thousands of young people that find themselves with nowhere to call home in the capital. Our shared ambition has been to start a conversation that will expand networks, generate new ideas and open up more opportunities for collaboration. We want to unlock better support, unlock improved partnership working and ultimately unlock more places for young people to stay in the short term and call home in the long term. And most of all we want to do this with young people, together.

To take this work to the next stage, our alliance now wishes to commission an external consultant or organisation to undertake an action orientated research project which will ultimately deliver the following two objectives and lead to a project plan being developed so that an early stage pilot can begin in 2020:

  • Furthering our understanding of what works - and what could work – for the provision of housing and support for young people experiencing homelessness in London
  • Turning research into action through the development of a project plan that the alliance can collectively deliver

The total budget for this research project is £30,000 and so we are requesting submissions from interested people and organisations that can deliver within that budget (total costs must be inclusive of VAT).  Please note that a further £2,000 will be made available for costs for young people and partners to participate and will be separately administered by New Horizon Youth Centre.

Given the diversity of organisations involved in our alliance – all with differing assets and approaches – we will ideally be looking for someone who has a robust understanding of the issues, but the independence to not be wedded to a particular way of working.

If you are interested in applying then you can do so via the brief, downloadable here: Together - Research Tender

Deadline for submissions is Friday September 6th 2019 at 10am

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