For most of us April Fools Day is a time for pranks and jokes, however it’s also the date that winter homelessness shelters close, leaving just a single emergency accommodation project serving the whole of London.

That means that we often end up with no options to house the homeless young people who come to us in urgent need of help.

We're asking all of our supporters to help us by donating to our Emergency Fund, so we can pay for beds in backpacker hostels for those whose personal safety or health is most at risk by being forced to sleep on the streets.


We see hundreds of young people in urgent need every year, for example Josh, who came to New Horizon last spring after being kicked out of home by an abusive parent. Shorter and slighter than average, Josh broke down in tears during his first advice session as he revealed that he hadn’t slept since becoming homeless, walking the streets all night for fear of being attacked if he bedded down somewhere.

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His mental and physical health were suffering, but with no spaces at the only emergency shelter still open there was nowhere for us to refer Josh into. And with over 9000 visits to the centre last year it's clear to see that Josh's story is far from unique.

How you can help

Due to the increased need for last-minute accommodation at this time of year we urgently need your help to increase the Emergency Fund, so that we don’t have to send young people in crisis to sleep on the streets for want of £10 to pay for a hostel for the night.

If you’re wondering how you can help those in this desperate situation then please either:

  • Donate to our Emergency Fund - just £10 can be enough to pay for a bed for a night
  • Fundraise for the fund - as an individual or get a team of friends or colleagues to fundraise together
  • Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #thisisnojoke and linking to this page

Your help could make the difference between a young person sleeping in a safe, warm bed and being vulnerable and alone on the streets.

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