When we completed a major refurbishment of our centre in 2010 one of the most exciting additions was a music studio. It was an instant hit with young people, who now had a space in which to express themselves and pursue their creative ambitions.

Over the years the studio has reverberated with the sound of everything from grime, metal, J- and K-pop through to neo-classical experimentation, classic rock and trap (some of which you can hear on our Soundcloud page). Young people in crisis have consistently told us that being having a space to write, play or just sing covers helps them access feelings they’ve had to suppress in order to get through the many challenges they face.

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Former users of the studio have gone on to do courses at Roundhouse and Amy Winehouse Foundation as well as to study music at university and even compete on X-Factor! 

The equipment we installed in 2010 (funded by Amy Winehouse Foundation) gave many years’ faithful service, but by 2018 the need for a refresh was becoming hard to ignore with many technical problems causing frustration for staff and young people.

It was pure good luck that our long-time supporter and occasional locum worker Mara Carlyle happened to be at a gig where Zoe Alexander of the Nick Alexander Memorial Trust was fundraising. NAMT’s mission is to fund music projects for the most disadvantaged and marginalised sectors of society, and a conversation between Mara and Zoe quickly revealed the potential for us to obtain the funding we needed to update our equipment.

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After some feverish application-filling by our music youth worker Pascal NAMT awarded one of their largest ever single grants to us, allowing us to thoroughly upgrade all elements of the studio, resulting in a faster, more efficient and rewarding experience for young people.

Zoe and punk/folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner visited the studio for a ribbon cutting ceremony in January 2019, where they met two of the young people who’ve benefited from the refreshed studio and heard some of their work. We'd like to say a huge thank you to NAMT for supporting us and giving our young people the chance to continue expressing themselves for years to come!

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