Today we are proud to announce the launch of a brand new accommodation scheme, Project 99, in partnership with Origin Housing.

The initiative provides affordable, comfortable accommodation for 10 young people, many of whom were sleeping rough before they moved in. Project 99 is designed to overcome the problems that keep these young people trapped in homelessness, with no requirement for a deposit, affordable rent and acceptance for those in receipt of housing benefit. In addition there is a year of targeted support at New Horizon Youth Centre for all residents, from emotional and mental health assistance to help with education and employment, giving them everything they need to begin living independently after their tenancy. 

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Two of our clients who’ve just moved in expressed their feelings about having somewhere to call their own. One young man said “I was sleeping on the street or on sofas, now I have this, it changes your life”. Another tenant said that having a stable home “gives me motivation to move forward… I can’t say how much it means”.

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Our Chair Nick Hardwick described the day Origin had contacted us to discuss partnering as “Our lucky day… The young people we work with don’t just need housing, they need a home: the critical foundation for all the things they want to do in life. If you want to go to college, get a job, start a relationship, none of that is really possible if you don’t have a home. Thanks to everyone at Origin Housing who helped make this happen”.

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The building itself has been renovated to a very high standard by Origin’s dedicated team, who turned what had been a medical facility into a bright, clean and cosy home. As Origin’s Assistant Director Katri Wilson stated at the launch of the project, “this is the first time these people have had a home… if you give them something inspirational that you’ve put a lot of love into, it pays off and they appreciate it. I hope everyone here has a good future ahead.” 

Project 99 follows our other accommodation partnership Project Vista in developing innovative and pioneering solutions to the crisis in affordable housing for young people.

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