We’re delighted to announce that Project Vista, our accommodation partnership with Network Homes, has been awarded 1st place and £30,000 at the prestigious London Homelessness Awards.

Project Vista was launched in 2016 with the aim of giving homeless young people across London a stable place to live whilst helping them improve their employment situation in order to become self-sufficient.

The project currently comprises four flats, owned by Network Homes and managed by New Horizon Youth Centre. In addition to affordable accommodation, the scheme is unique in helping young people improve their wages or employment, and develop independent living skills through our Employment, Education and Training programme. Project Vista was expanded in April 2017 due to its initial success.

The awards are presented to projects that take an innovative or unique approach, can be replicated in other parts of London, improve services to homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless, prevent homelessness and tackle disadvantage caused by homelessness. The judges praised the project for really addressing young people's current needs, offering a chance for those in precarious employment to escape a cycle homelessness by combing the strengths of both agencies to deliver an innovative project, bridging a gap not currently served elsewhere. They were also very impressed by Network Homes commitment to putting their social purpose before profit.


The project has proven to have a really significant impact on young people’s lives. Many could not access any type of accommodation because they were in precarious or low wage employment, but were also at risk of losing their jobs as they had nowhere to live. By moving into stable Project Vista accommodation, they start to focus on finding better jobs, improve their wages, or achieve promotions, and save for a deposit to help with move on housing.

“This holistic model can and should be replicated with other housing and homeless projects. Together we can transform the youth homelessness landscape in London”

Shelagh O'Connor, CEO, New Horizon Youth Centre

Our CEO Shelagh said “Project Vista demonstrates that with determination and innovation we can tackle the rising numbers of young people ending up homeless. Network Homes has shown a commitment to work with us to make this project a success, and this holistic model can and should be replicated with other housing and homeless projects. Together we can transform the youth homelessness landscape in London”


Helen Evans, Chief Executive of Network Homes, said: “Helping to tackle homelessness is a big part of what we do at Network Homes. We hope the project will continue to thrive for years to come and all the prize funds will be directly invested into the project.”

Nick Hardwick, New Horizon Youth Centre Chair, stated: “We are delighted that this award recognises the good work of our organisations working together to provide practical solutions to the problem. We hope it will encourage even greater efforts to ensure all young people have a safe and secure home from which to make a successful start to their adult lives.”

There were over 30 applications for the awards, with a shortlist of six projects and just three winners. The London Homelessness Awards are sponsored by the London Housing Foundation, London Councils Housing Directors Group, GLA, Crisis, Shelter and Savills.

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