Finding out what the young people who access New Horizon Youth Centre think of our work is crucial in making sure we are meeting their needs. 

That’s why we carried out a survey of 77 of our clients, focusing specifically on their experience of our advice service. We were happy to see that the answers given were overwhelmingly positive:

  • 69% of those surveyed said they were very satisfied with our service, 25% were fairly satisfied. Only 1.3% reported being dissatisfied.
  • 97% said the found the information we gave very or fairly easy to understand. Nobody said they found the information difficult to understand.
  • 96% found our staff very or fairly helpful, nobody thought we were unfriendly
  • 96% said staff were knowledgeable, with no one saying the staff they spoke to had poor knowledge
  • 95% reported that we kept them up-to-date with progress on their case either very or fairly well, again there were no reports from people who felt they hadn’t been kept up-to-date.
  • 96% felt that we listened to what they had to say very or fairly well, no one thought we didn’t listen to them
  • 96% told us they had been treated fairly, nobody felt they had been treated unfairly
  • 91% would recommend us to someone else in need of housing advice, with only 1.3% saying they would not recommend us.
  • 98.7% said they New Horizon’s advice service met their needs

Below are some comments from the young people surveyed:

“I believe if more people knew about what you have to offer, you could change more lives for the better”

“You are very straight forward and do not supply any false information”

“Extremely accessible and I always feel welcomed every time I show up”

“I am so happy to be here in NHYC and they help me like family. The staff and service are really good.”

“It gave me positivity for the future”

“I owe you guys my life, because if it wasn’t for NHYC I would still be on the street”

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