We don’t just acknowledge problems – we offer real solutions, listening actively to what young people tell us they need. So we couldn’t be more excited to launch our whole new venture today: Project Vista. In partnership with Network Homes, we will tackle youth homelessness by providing high quality accommodation for homeless young people to improve their housing and employment situation. Today four young people will be moving into the first flat.

Many of the homeless young people we support get trapped between precarious or low-paid employment and the prohibitive, unaffordable London rental market. They might sleep on a mate’s sofa or in a car before going to work, or be unable to accept a job offer because the wages won’t cover the high cost of their supported housing accommodation.

Our Project Vista partnership project does things differently: homeless young people will be given the stability of shared accommodation, with rents that allow them to work towards getting a job or improve their current employment circumstances, using also the resettlement support and EET services at New Horizon Youth Centre. During their stay of up to a year, the young people will be able to save for a deposit and improve their independent living skills. Network Homes may then offer the opportunity to move on into another of their properties or the young person will access other PRS accommodation.

"A safe place to live is the crucial platform from which the young people we work with can launch their adult lives. It is great to be working in partnership with Network Homes to do something practical to help some of the young people we work with to beat the youth homelessness crisis".

Nick Hardwick, Chair, New Horizon Youth Centre

But this is just the start of Project Vista. As one of London’s largest housing associations, Network Homes is committed to its social function and to those at the ‘hard edge’ of the housing crisis, and has responded beautifully to our call for action last year.

“Both our organisations are really excited about this new venture and are hoping it will be a success and help the charity grow further. There has been huge pressure and an increase of people out on the street due to the reduction in hostel accommodation.”

Helen Evans, Chief Executive, Network Homes

Together we aim to continue to create accommodation and other projects that will help homeless young people believe in their capabilities and achieve their ambitions.

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