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On a cold Tuesday night last week, a group of interesting and interested women from MumsNet visited New Horizon Youth Centre to see what we do as an outreach team on the streets of central London.

This is part of their support of Railway Children, the charity that helps to fund our work with runaway young people. We showed them around our services at the centre, explaining our support to young people with housing, EET, health, counselling and via the multi-purpose gym and fitness training.

The New Horizon Youth Centre outreach team also highlighted our other essential services such as free hot dinners, laundry, clothes store and personal storage if you are sleeping on the street. After this tour, we hit the streets for the early part of our outreach session.

We walked around St Pancras, Kings Cross, and Euston stations and the streets in between, which we do every night or evening of the week. It was a very busy night at the stations, but we had enough time to share our experiences of working with young street homeless people with the women from MumsNet.

We explained for instance the outreach concept we call ‘snowballing’: talking and building relationships with lots of different street-based people so that we can target the young people who may be missing or hanging around unsafe environments. It was a very interesting exchange of knowledge which the New Horizon outreach team felt was really positive.

It was also an opportunity for us to become more familiar with the issues facing MumsNet and their concerns. MumsNet, Railway Children and New Horizon Youth Centre are each dedicated to working towards the prevention of children running away and supporting those who find themselves on the street.

Read about MumsNet's experiences of the visit - and raise funds for work with runaways by leaving a comment on their very perceptive articles:

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