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You can make a self-referral by completing the form below. Our team will pick this up and get in touch about how we can help you.

The form takes around 10 minutes to complete. We ask for certain information for safety reasons. We have clearly marked what we need to know and where you may choose not to give information.

If you have any questions, are unsure or want help now, please come to our day centre and speak to a member of the team.

If you have already been referred to us by another organisation, you don’t need to fill this form out, please come to the day centre instead. When you self-refer, it might take up to 5 days to hear back from us. If you need help quicker, please come to our daycentre if it is safe for you to come

This form is no longer live. Please go to our website: New Horizon Youth Centre

What happens next?

A member of our team will look at your referral within 3-5 working days and get in touch with you as soon as possible. We’ll most likely call or email you for an initial chat to get more information. We’ll talk you through everything and answer any questions you have. In that chat we also let you know exactly how we can support you in your individual situation.

You may be offered a blend of in-person and remote services, depending on what works best for you. You’ll be consistently supported by a few people you can get to know and trust.

If you have more questions or want more information, you can take a look at the ‘Common Questions’ on our Get Help page, ring the team on 020 7388 5560 or come to the day centre to talk to us face to face.

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