Martha is a 21-year-old female refugee from Eritrea.

She was referred to the Nurse in May 2022 by New Horizon’s Advice team as she has disclosed that she had previously been treated for TB (Tuberculosis) in Scotland when she was living with her elder sister and 2 teenage sons. She disclosed that her Doctor in Scotland had given her the all-clear, however there was no evidence or documentation to confirm this. At the time, she was also experiencing a cough and tiredness. The Nurse first performed a COVID-19 test to establish whether the cough and tiredness were symptoms of COVID-19. The result came out negative. The Nurse then contacted Find and Treat to make an immediate referral to their service and inform them of her symptoms and previous diagnosis.

A Telephone referral was arranged and one of Find and Treat staff contacted Martha. The Nurse arranged for Martha to be escorted to the hospital to attend a TB clinic at her local hospital. She was fast tracked, and a proper test and Chest X-Ray were done. Placing her in an accommodation depends on the result of the test clearing her of TB. The Nurse continued to check-in with her regularly monitoring her wellbeing by telephone call and WhatsApp.

The Nurse continued to follow up with the case and was contacted by the Find and Treat staff 2 weeks later and informed that Martha’s test was clear however the chest X-Ray had not been released by the consultant. The Nurse continued to advocate on Martha’s behalf – getting this information is vital in making onward referrals to accommodation. A further appointment was rescheduled for a repeat Chest X-Ray, and she was escorted to the hospital by the Find and Treat staff who has been handling the case. The Nurse continues to chase and advocate for Martha’s case, once getting the results, we can then refer into appropriate accommodation.

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